How does it work?

Why is Vetjoint the best choice for your dog?

1. Because it is completely safe for your pet
2. Because it only contains non-animal chondroitin sulfate
3. Because it is made of high quality raw materials, produced to the highest standard
4. The content in the capsule is more easily and better absorbed in the gut than compressed tablets
5. The content of the capsule can be mixed with food
6. No animals were harmed by this product - save animals!!!

Safety - We care about your dog's health

Vetjoint capsules are completely safe, since they are based on the non-animal compound of glucosamine - chondroitin sulfate.

Chondroitin sulfate in Vetjoint is made according to the unique and patented bacterial fermentation without the possibility of contamination with various proteins, natural polymers, and polysaccharides that can cause various immune and allergic problems in dogs.

Chondroitins of animal origin are allowed up to 6% protein. They may contain polysaccharides with little or no biological activity that do not contribute to the effectiveness of the preparation and may be harmful to your pet’s health.

The unique chondroitin in Vetjoint is not of animal origin

Chondroitin in Vetjoint has a smaller molecule and greater bioavailability, higher anti-inflammatory effect, and biological activity compared to all other animal chondroitins. Obtained by bacterial fermentation, it has higher quality and purity as well as higher efficiency in small doses (43% higher bioavailability) than animal chondroitins.

Glucosamine and manganese

Glucosamine is one of the most important building blocks of cartilage and plays an important role in the formation of the surface of joints, tendons, ligaments, synovial fluid, and bones. Numerous clinical studies show that glucosamine helps to improve joint mobility and relieve pain and inflammation in joints. The glucosamine in Vetjoint is rapidly and almost completely absorbed from the dog's gastrointestinal tract. It is then incorporated in the cartilage and joints and quickly helps your pet.

Manganese is a mineral that participates in many enzymatic processes in the body. It activates the enzymes that are important in the process of bone formation. It is necessary for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen, enabling cross-linking of collagen fibers. Manganese accelerates cartilage tissue regeneration, making it inevitable in the diet of dogs suffering from joint problems.

What does all this mean for your dog?

It is faster absorbed and easily reaches the site of action. It reduces inflammation more effectively, quickly leading to improvement and relief of arthritis symptoms. At the same time with lower dosage and higher efficacy, it does not cause any gastrointestinal problems in dogs.